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Welcome to Weydert Wealth Management

Making Money Make Sense.

Everyone defines wealth and success differently. That's why our relationship begins with two simple questions:

How do you define success?

How successful do you want to be? 

With the insights gained from these questions we can move toward better aligning your resources with your values. The ultimate goal is to help you live a life of increased significance, knowing you're leaving as little to chance as possible.   

We offer:

1. Clarity on how to reach or maintain financial independence

2. Answers to specific financial questions

3. Empirically-based investment advice

4. Advice on the best ways to position resources to meet your goals

5. Strategies to avoid unnecessary or hidden risks

6. Unbiased, expert advice - as much or as little as you need, and

7. Professional help - not product sales.

Importantly, we are advice-givers, not product vendors. We do not accept commissions or personally profit from our advice through sales of any kind. Commissions substantially increase costs and, although in a small minority, we feel strongly that selling to clients is inconsistent with the role of a fiduciary advisor.     

If you're interested in meeting with us to make sure you're on the right track in achieving what's important to you just email us at or call 1-949-648-8575 to schedule a complimentary initial consultation.

Weydert Wealth Management

Making money make sense.      

We specialize in empirically-based, tax sensitive, and cost-efficient investment advice emphasizing DFA funds. 

Our mission is to promote and protect our clients' financial health and well-being while applying a rigorous scientific approach to investment management for a sensible institutional-style fee. 

Steven A. Weydert, MS


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Weydert Wealth Management is proud to be one of only three fee-only financial advisory firms in California providing both flat-rate DFA fund investment management and personal financial planning.

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