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Our Philosophy

Financial Nutrition through Economic Science

Weydert Wealth Management was born out of a desire to help investors improve their financial health and well-being through a highly scientific approach to investment management. Our approach is the result of over 16 years of experience producing successful outcomes for a select group of financially health-conscious investors.

What sparked this desire was the realization that the financial advice industry is much like the restaurant industry: the service can be good or bad; you can be served in extravagant or simple surroundings; what you're served can be high quality or low quality; and it can be good for you or bad for you. All of these factors combine to create a particular dining experience.

However, we realized that investors really didn't need another dining experience. What they needed was a financial nutritionist - someone to serve as a filter and a guide in managing their financial health. This is particularly true since the vast majority of what the financial services industry serves is simply not very good for you. This is true even though it's often served on a fancy plate, in a fancy place, and may even taste quite good.

So today we serve as the performance nutrition experts of the financial world with a single-minded focus on your long-term financial health and well-being. We accomplish this by meticulously testing and retesting the evidence supporting our recommendations to ensure we're providing statistically meaningful information rather than unscientific, narrative, or story-based information.

We feel this approach provides you with the greatest chance at avoiding mistakes, reducing risk, and optimizing your financial health.

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